iCloud tabs in Mountain Lion lets you sync your iPhone, iPad tabs with Safari on Mac

OS X Mountain Lion is really geared toward bringing features that have made the iPhone and iPad so successful to the Mac. Today at WWDC, Apple senior vice president of Mac software Craig Federighi walked up on stage to announce some new additions to the next version of OS X that push the trend of adopting iOS features even further.

The big new feature that wasn’t previously announced is iCloud tabs. It lets users sync tabs between Safari on Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and keep them up to date and consistent on each device. Safari will have a new iCloud navigation button which shows a list of all your iCloud tabs. This mimics existing functionality on Google Chrome, which can sync tabs between computers and Android devices. iCloud also has a large presence across the operating system and finally gets the deep integration needed to sync documents and the like with iOS.

Aside from that, Apple also previewed Mountain Lion earlier in the year with a strong focus on mobile apps making their way onto the Mac. Shipping with the new OS is Reminders, Notes, Messages (for iMessage,) AirPlay Mirroring for Apple TV, Notification Center, Game Center and more. The new SDK will help developers build more of their own mobile-centric apps as well.

OS X Mountain Lion will be available some time next month in the Mac App Store as a $19.99 upgrade from Lion or Snow Leopard.

[via The Verge]

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