iOS 6 Phone app updated with Do Not Disturb, Remind Me Later, more

With all of the features found in Apple’s latest iOS 6, it may be easy to forget that at the end of the day the iPhone is still a phone. Well, Apple hasn’t forgotten about this little detail and has update the phone application with features that should make users very happy.

First up, there’s the Do Not Disturb feature, which will allow you to automatically reject calls. That said, you can specify contacts that can bypass the feature, so you don’t miss a call from your significant other, boss etc.

Another feature that’s been absent from iOS until now is you can reply to a call with a text message. If you’re on the go and can’t take the call at that moment, you can easily reject it and have a text send to the caller. As you’d imagine, there are a few pre-written texts messages that you can choose from, or create your very own.

The last feature is definitely our favorite of the new tweaks, and that’s the Remind Me Later feature. When you receive a call and can’t take it, you can tap on Remind Me Later instead of Send to Voicemail or Reply with Text. Once tapped on, the Remind me Later feature will find your location and will send you a notification to contact the missed caller when you leave that location. Personally, when I reject a call and attempt to remember to call them back on my own, it rarely happens. A feature like Remind Me Later is incredibly simple but very useful and we wouldn’t be surprised if other operating systems include this in future updates.

These simple tweaks put the Phone back in iPhone, but if you’re more concerned about what else iOS 6 has to offer, be sure to check all of our coverage here!

  • D879562

    “send a call directly to voicemail if you don’t want to take it that second. ” ….it’s always been possible to send a call directly to voicemail – you need to press the power button twice to send the incoming call directly to voicemail.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right. Sorry about that.  updated. 

  • Jenny

    How do i turn this feature on? I turned it off before but I forgot where.

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