iOS 6 wrap-up : Siri updates, Maps, and much more come to the lastest version of the OS

Apple unveiled all of the latest and greatest features of iOS 6 today at WWDC and most people will be more than pleased with the additions. From Siri updates to the new Maps application, the latest update for iOS is definitely something to look forward to. We’ll walk you through each new or updated feature and let you know what’s coming in the next version of iOS.


Siri has been taking a few classes, and now knows about sports. You can ask when the game is on, past scores, player stats, and Siri will serve it on a dish for you. Siri will also speak to you in a few new languages as well as let you open apps using only a simple request like “Open Where’s My Water?”.


Apple has finally officially gotten rid of Google Maps in favor of its own solution. Just like everything Apple, the new maps app is beautiful and will surely impress just about anyone who needs to get around. Users can now take advantage of built-in turn by turn navigation, which is a feature that iOS users could only get from paid third-party application. It’s also one feature that’s been around for quite a while in Android .

Another feature within the new Maps application is called Flyover, which essentially will scroll across the map so that it looks as if you’re flying above the city in all its 3D-goodness. Oddly enough, Google announced something very similar within its upcoming Google Earth update.


Apple announced a new application called Passbook that’ll let users keep track of all their movie tickets, boarding passes, store membership cards, and more. The application uses geo-location to prioritize your cards, so when you’re about to walk into a Starbucks for a cup of coffee, the card will appear at the top so you don’t have to sift through all of your cards to get to it. The easiest way to describe it is a virtual wallet sans credit cards.


While it’s certainly not the most groundbreaking feature announced today, Apple also announced that iOS 6 will allow users to chat on FaceTime without needing to be connected to WiFi. It’s been a long time coming, but you can now video chat with friends and family on a 3G network.

Facebook Integration

As hinted by Tim Cook, iOS 6 will have deep Facebook integration. Just like Twitter, iOS will let you store your Facebook credentials and will serve them up when needed. Users can share photos directly to Facebook, share their location using the Maps apps and brag about their latest achievement via Game Center. Similar to Windows Phone, Facebook contacts will appear in your contacts and events will show up on your iOS calendar.


iOS 5 introduced us to Photostream, a way to share photos between Apple devices, and now this photo service is going social in iOS 6.  Users can easily select a photos from the Photos app and share them with friends via iCloud. The photos will appear immediately on  a device with iOS 6, OS X Mountain Lion or the Apple TV.  Other users will have to launch a web browser.


Email on iOS got a few small improvements including the ability to add photo and videos to a message with a few simple taps. There’s also a VIP list, so you will never miss an email from your boss or significant other.


Apple hasn’t forgotten that the iPhone is first and foremost a phone and has added a few new convenience features to help you manage incoming calls. Apple borrowed its popular slide-to-unlock feature and lets you slide-to-answer your calls. If you don’t want to talk your caller, you can decline the call and choose to reply with a message. There’s also a “Do Not Disturb” feature that’ll divert incoming calls so you are not bothered by them.


Safari is getting a little piece of the cloud in the next version of iOS. The mobile browser will have a new iCloud Tabs feature that’ll sync open pages across your devices. Users will be able to read a review on their Mac and then immediately jump right back into it on their iPhone. There’s also a  handy full-screen landscape view and updated offline reading list that’ll now save full webpages instead of links.


Last but not least are several improvements in iOS’ accessibility features to aid those with autism, low vision and hearing difficulties. VoiceOver, a screen reader, is now available in Maps, Assistive Touch and Zoom. Parent with Autistic children will appreciate a new Guided Access feature that disables the home button, locks the device to one app and restrict the input area to just one part of the screen.

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  • zitrogabriel

    Funny… Apple has been learning from Google. All these “new innovations” I’ve had on my Android for a year now.

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