Rumor: Google working on Wallet 2.0, because Wallet 1.0 was a resounding failure

Remember Google Wallet? Announced in May 2011, the goal Google set out to achieve was to get you to pay for things using your mobile phone instead of the piece of plastic you’ve been carrying around for decades. The service launched on one phone, the Nexus S, on one operator, Sprint, and came with support for one bank, Citibank. Since then Google hasn’t said a thing, not even a peep, about the service. Are people using it? What stores are adding support for Google Wallet? We have no idea.

Now America’s operators are equally bad from a public relations perspective. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon formed a company called ISIS back in November 2010. They said they were going to bring mobile payments to the masses, but since then nothing has happened. There are supposed to be trials taking place this summer, but we don’t know if they’re actually happening since no one is issuing any press releases.

So are mobile payments dead on arrival? Not yet. According to NFC Times, Google is hard at work on Wallet 2.0, which is said to be more “cloud focused”, whatever the hell that means. More importantly, the article goes on to say Sprint, who was the only company that actually supported Google Wallet, will be rolling out their own service called “Touch”.

Will Google’s second attempt be any better than their first? Will operators start taking payments seriously? We haven’t got the faintest idea, and to be perfectly frank we’re starting to think that the mobile industry isn’t going to take NFC based payments seriously until Apple steps in and introduces their own thing. Are we going to see such an announcement later today at WWDC? Again, we can only speculate at this point.

Do you even want to use a mobile phone to pay for things? Is your wallet that much of an inconvenience? Let us know.

[Via: The Verge]

  • Anonymous

    Definitely. Also we should have had mobile payments years ago. Sadly google is fighting against conservative banks and VISA/Mastercard with deep pockets and existing relationships with retail. They are doing their damnedest hard to stop google wallet and other forms of mobile payments that route around traditional models (eg themselves) from succeeding. hashtag-fuckthem.

  • Mike

    Tell me why I would want Google involved in my payment transactions?  Like the majority of people, trusting your transaction information to a company who’s core business is selling ads simply means more advertising in places I don’t want to see it. I have no need to fuel their quest for more data to sell more ads. Paying with your phone is not more convenient, it’s simply cool. Period.

  • I use my Sprint Galaxy Nexus to pay for things at the few stores that accept this form of payment including 7-eleven, McDonalds, Rite-Aid, CVS, and some other stores.  The biggest complaint I have is that the retailers’s point-of-sale unit is sometimes just not working and so the payment doesn’t go through.  But when it is functioning the payment goes through fine and the people around me are amazed…’s kinda funny 🙂

    • I agree –  it’s cool, but even when it works, it takes two taps & a PIN entry.  It’s easier to swipe my card.

      •  hey Larry, i found a workaround to the 2 taps…..first you go to Google Wallet and enter your pin; so now you’re in the app and then go to the counter and when you check out it takes one tap and it’s way faster……i’ve been doing it this way for the past few weeks

  • Wireless payments seems to be like flying cards, moving sidewalks and cold fusion: You hear about it every once in a while, but it never seems to gain momentum and is quickly forgotten.

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