Tim Cook at WWDC: 650,000 App Store apps, 30 billion downloads

Apple CEO Tim Cook just kicked off the WWDC 2012 keynote presentation with a few interesting statistics about the iOS App Store. Most notably, it now houses 650,000 apps, which lets it retain the title of the largest app marketplace in the world. 225,000 of those are made for the iPad alone.

Who’s going to access all of those apps? People who have one of 400 million iTunes/App Store accounts registered with a credit card on file. They’ve managed to download apps over 30 billion times. Developers are seeing immense success out of the App Store in return — Apple just announced that it has paid out over $5 billion to app developers, which get a 70 percent cut of app revenue in the store.

The App Store has become an “economy in itself,” as Cook said on stage at WWDC. With all of these apps, downloads and registered accounts, he considers it “the most vibrant app ecosystem on the planet.” It’s now available in 132 countries worldwide.

[via The Verge]

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