Verizon Wireless announces pricing for Share Everything combined data and voice plans

Earlier this year, Verizon announced that it will be switching to shared data plans and now the wireless carrier has unveiled the pricing for these data-centric plans. The pricing scheme is much different from traditional voice-driven plans and require you to start by choosing a data allotment and then adding your devices.

Data buckets, called Monthly Account Access fees, start at 1GB for $50 and climb up to 10GB for $100. Each allotment can be shared between ten devices and include unlimited calling and texts. Besides this monthly fee, Verizon is charging a per device  Monthly Line Access fee. Customers will pay $40 for each smartphone, $30 for each basic phone, $20 for a Jetpack, USB modem or notebook/netbook and $10 for a tablet. An average family with two smartphones and a tablet will pay $140 for 1GB of data ($50 for the data/voice plan, $80 for two smartphones and $10 for the tablet). These plans will go into effect starting June 28th.

There is a pricing tool available online so you can check out the pricing before switching your plan.

[Via Verizon Wireless]

  • Interestingly, the plans actually go from 300MB all the way up to 30GB, but the public Verizon site doesn’t show the whole deal.

  • Anonymous

    This is why I never see myself going to the big-2 carriers. Just too expensive (even after these supposed savings from Family-Data). I’ll stick with T-Mobile.

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