You’ll need an iPhone 4S to FaceTime over cellular, sorry iPhone 4 users

Less than 48 hours ago Apple unveiled iOS 6 to the world, and while it wasn’t exactly mind blowing, it did add enough features to the platform to ensure that it remains competitive when compared to the likes of Android and Windows Phone. Now one of those features isn’t exactly a feature, it’s more of a removal of a restriction. Whereas before you needed to be connected to a WiFi network to have a video call, something Apple calls “FaceTime”, with iOS 6 you can now have said conversation over a cellular network. You’d think that since FaceTime works on both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, once you upgrade those device to iOS 6 you’ll be able to take advantage of the new FaceTime cellular capabilities. According to Apple’s website, that sadly isn’t the case.

“FaceTime over a cellular network requires iPhone 4S or iPad (3rd generation) with cellular data capability.”

Can anyone give us a good reason as to why Apple can’t make this happen for iPhone 4 users? Nokia has been putting front facing cameras on their mobile phones since before the first iPhone came out. Granted, video calling wasn’t exactly crystal clear on those devices, but still, it worked. While we haven’t tried FaceTime over cellular, we predict Apple will crank up the compression settings to limit data traffic.

The bigger question is of course how are operators going to feel about their customers not using their voice minutes, instead opting to use their data plan, to make calls? Video calls may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if they’re cheaper to make than voice calls then we can see them becoming more popular. If that does happen, Apple will have not only managed to steal SMS revenues with iMessage, but also the cash cow known as voice minutes.

[Via: Engadget]

  • Roshan Karki

    Khuching paryo paitala maile khaye suntala.

  • This is very disappointing. I use FaceTime a lot. I think it’s the one of the best features of the iPhone 4 while being one of the least talked about. Most of the time I am on a WiFi connection but the ability to receive a FaceTime call on 3G is something I’ve had once before when my phone was jailbroken. Unfortunately I found that jailbreaking affected the reliability of the phone so I un-jailbroke it. The only thing I really miss about it was FaceTime over 3G.

    When I heard about this I was really happy, but since I have an iPhone 4 and not a 4S, I can’t take advantage of the new feature that appeals to me most! I wonder if this is a technical limitation of the iPhone, or just a sneaky move by Apple to get people to upgrade to a 4S.

    I never planned to upgrade to the 4S because I don’t think that there’s enough of a difference between it and the 4. I had a 3G before and I didn’t upgrade to the 3GS for the same reason. Now that they’ve pulled this trick I am actually thinking of getting a 4S and selling my 4. I just wonder if it’s worth spending around £150 to be able to receive FaceTime over 3G. 

    After all, I could just jailbreak again and that’s free!

    • Guest

      Wait till the Autumn as probably as soon as iOS 6 is out a new model different most likely with a bigger screen, A4X processor, possibly better camera and most likely NFC technology to go with Passbook. I would wait until iOS 6 is out before thinking of buying a new one and see if there is a new iPhone out in the Autumn. If not by Autumn then go with 4S!

  • Nhsky27

    i am malaysian  since ios6 news was release i m sorry but to changed all my families iphones to android i will also stop my children from buying the new macpro  what ‘s so great about apple we consumer are the boss

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