Apple loses its bid to ban the Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III launching on all 3 major carriers in China on June 9th

Poor Apple. It looks like the Cupertino based tech giant will have to wait a bit longer to kickoff its patent trolling of Samsung. The judge presiding over the case, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, crushed Apple’s hopes of ruining Sammy’s launch of its new flagship device, the Galaxy S III. The judge said Monday that Apple’s attempt to get a court order blocking the June 21 launch would overload her calendar, as the company already has other devices it wants to argue about in court in the month of July.

This long drawn out legal process is pissing Apple off. The company feels the delays have helped Samsung stay one step ahead when it comes to releasing devices. Apple’s lawyer said “Samsung is always one step ahead, launching another product and another product.” Bitter, much?

At this point in time, the Galaxy S3 looks to be safe. But that could change in the future if Apple decides waiting a little while longer, and request a new hearing. Keep in mind that June 21 is slated to be the date for the Samsung vs. Apple summary judgment hearing. This Galaxy S III business is a new can of worms. Although, I’m not really sure how the GSIII infringes on Apple’s patents, but I’m sure the tech giant will dig something up.

[via Reuters]


  • Anonymous

    Apple, Apple, Apple…  ***sighs, shakes head…***

  • Neil Gillibrand

    I’m sure the tech giant will “make” something up.

    there, all fixed.

  • Lord Vader

    nice try Apple  lol

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