For Sale: Own the home that Fredrik Idestam, Nokia’s founder, lived in!

Nokia was founded in 1865 by a guy named Fredrik Idestam. Back then the company worked on making paper, but as well know they switched to rubber, then cables, then computers, and now they’re in the mobile phone space. That poses a very important question: What market will the company try to enter if and when they decide to stop peddling Windows Phones? We’re not going to answer that today. Instead, let’s talk real estate. According to the Finnish business publication Taloussanomat, Idestam’s house is up for sale. It’ll run you around 3.8 million Euros ($4.75 million) and for that you’ll get 667 square meters (7,180 square feet) worth of space. Theodor Höijer was the architect who designed the home. Some of his better known works are the Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki and Hotel Kämp. Sari Vesikansa, who owns the house, says she’s looking to get rid of it because it’s too much of a hassle to maintain it. She wants to live a life that’s a little more “care free”.

None of your are going to buy this thing, obviously, but we wanted to report this story to prove a point. Nokia will live on. The “adapt or die” mentality is strong within the company. When this writer was working there, he was saddened when his mentor told him that the company will need to face a serious hardship in order to change. That hardship is being faced today. Nokia is not the same company it was just half a decade ago. It’s floating on the stock market for around $10.4 billion, which is less than the $12.5 billion that Google paid for Motorola.

Every month there are rumors popping up that someone will acquire the company, but we don’t see that happening. They have too much history and are such a large part of the story of Finland’s success that the board would never approve a takeover.

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  • And only 57 minutes from Helsinki! ‘Shame Nokia isn’t hiring anymore!

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