Rumor: Next week Microsoft will announce that it’s going to make its own tablet

Microsoft is, at heart, a software company. Sure, they make keyboards and mice, and let’s not forget about the XBOX, but when it comes to devices that run their desktop and mobile operating systems, along with their office suite, Microsoft depends on their hardware partners. According to AllThingsD, those partners are about to get slapped in the face. They say that Microsoft will host an event on Monday in Los Angeles where they’re going to unveil a tablet computer. Said tablet will be a “Microsoft Tablet” in much the same way that the Galaxy Nexus is a “Google Phone”. The report can not confirm whether the tablet will use an Intel chip or an ARM based chip, but if we had to make a bet we’d say it’s going to be the latter, simply because Microsoft sees Metro as the future. What better way to commit to the future than by releasing a tablet that can’t run legacy software?

As we alluded earlier, Microsoft normally depends on their partners, so if they’re going to enter the hardware game with their own tablet, what’s there to stop them from entering the smartphone game? We’ve been covering the rumor that Microsoft is going to buy Nokia for well over half a year. The Finnish handset company currently has a market cap of $8.8 billion. That’s less than what Google paid for Motorola. Will something happen between those two companies in the near future?

Apple has proven to the world that owning both hardware and software is key to becoming a successful company. Google struggles with Android fragmentation, and nearly phone maker who uses Google’s software is struggling to survive. Samsung is the one exception, but that’s because they’re also an incredibly large component manufacturer.

Expect to hear more about this alleged tablet around 15:30 Pacific Time on the 18th.

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  • Omg

    I think Samsung should make component only and not phone. They are opportunist.

  • Gregory C Newman

    Why the surprise after all Google is going to make it’s own tablet. I believe google licenses Andriod? Microsoft has got to make a professional Enterprise ready tablet that works flawlessly with the Enterprise and the Enterprises’s  heavy investment in Microsoft Desktop/laptop/Server and Microsoft Office  software That is where they should focus their efforts first because The Ipad is already the dominant tablet in the Entertainment category of  Tablet computers. The Main Microsoft Tablet computer must be an affordable Intel CPU controlled Tablet Computer because they can run it’s old Legacy software written to run on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 OS’s.if  Microsoft  makes only the Windows RT Tablet computer that would be a disaster because it will take at least 2 years for the software APPS development community to write enough APPS to make a Microsoft RT Tablet computer useful enough for People to want to buy and Enterprise software today and in the past is written to run on Intel CPU controlled computers not Windows RT which is for ARMS CPU controlled tablet computers which the Enterprise in general does not use. a nice thing about a Microsoft Tablet computer is that it will be running PURE windows 8 for tablet computers and should be updated by Microsoft itself not a cell phone carrier. the Microsoft OEM partners will have a different tablet modified to be more Entertainment oriented to compete with the Ipad. A good thing about the Intel CPU controlled Microsoft Tablet computers is they have thousands upon thousands of PC games, business programs, and windows controlled devices to use when they come to market. they are dead on arrival People can use an Intel CPU controlled Tablet computer do something right out of the box and if they come with A tablet version of Microsoft Office they are Enterprise ready to degree right out of the box the Ipad and the Android Tablets are not. they are internet based information/Entertaiment tablet computers and this not a bad thing for most people

  • That’s cool….Waiting for it

  • Anonymous

    Let us hope that they don’t call it the Kin Tablet.

  • Anonymous

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