Microsoft Surface keynote available to stream or download

Yesterday, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer took to the stage to unveil the Microsoft-branded Surface tablet line, Microsoft’s vision for the future of the tablet market. The company unveiled two different tablets yesterday, one for the ARM-based Windows 8 RT platform, and one for the fully-featured Windows 8 Professional. Both featured 10.6″ HD displays, built-in kickstands, and a touch cover that folds out to be a fully functional keyboard and multi-touch trackpad. Where the tablets differ is that one is running on the ARM-based NVIDIA chipset (presumably Tegra 3), and one runs on the 3rd generation Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor. The Ivy Bridge model also features larger amounts of storage (64GB and 128GB) vs the 32GB and 64GB found in the ARM tablet.

If for whatever reason you weren’t glued to your computer screen last night for the big unveil, Microsoft has provided a few options for you to check out the keynote for yourself. You can either head over to the trusty YouTube and stream the video, or download it from Microsoft in full so you can view it at your convenience. After you’ve watched the keynote, leave us a comment below to let us know what you think of Microsoft’s Surface tablets, and whether you think they’ll emerge as true iPad competitors.

[via Microsoft]

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