Netflix streaming will be available on Microsoft Surface tablets

Just in case you were worried, Netflix is going Metro. Netflix is developing a Metro application for the Windows 8 platform, which will make its debut on the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets later this year. Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky quickly showed off a beta version of Netflix for Windows 8 at the Surface press event in Los Angeles last night, where he stated that a Netflix application with Metro-UI optimized touch zooming technique and semantic zoom would launch alongside the RT tablet in the fall.

Not that anyone in their right mind was worried about Netflix not¬†being available on Windows 8, but we’ll rest assured knowing we can still watch that backlog of Doctor Who on the Windows 8 platform.

[via The Verge, Mashable]

  • Is the next Barnes and Noble tablet going to be based on this ‘Surface?’ A rumor was going around that Barnes and Noble will leave Android and join Microsoft. Bye Anroid!

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