Sprint Direct Connect gets extended coverage with support for 1xRTT

Sprint Direct Connect gets extended coverage with support for 1xRTT

As part of the plan to kill its iDEN network and replace it with the new CDMA-based push-to-talk service, Sprint announced that Direct Connect service is now available in its 1xRTT coverage and roaming areas.

Up until this point, Direct Connect customers could only use the push-to-talk services in areas with 3G EV-DO coverage. No more, with 1xRTT areas joining in, creating three times the push-to-talk coverage of the Nextel National Network.

Users should expect the same features in 1xRTT areas as they were in a spot with EV-DO coverage though initial call setup time will be longer.

Earlier this month, Sprint said it will decommission its iDEN network as early as June 30, 2013 as part of the Network Vision plans to add new value while reducing costs. The company has already discontinued selling iDEN devices in most channels and will slow distribution further in the months ahead. Sprint will continue to support business customers with iDEN devices as needed during their transition to the Sprint Direct Connect service…

  • Keith

    Sprint needs to WAKE UP.  After 15+ years of successful Nextel usage, I have been forced to switch to Sprint Direct Connect as Sprint has been removing Nextel equipment in my area, leaving too many holes in coverage.

    The Sprint Direct Connect is a joke as currently set up.  It is slow to acquire a signal, if it acquires one at all.  If you are lucky enough to attain a “connection,” the audio is so crappy that you can barely understand what is being said.  What a joke.  This is the best they can do to replace Nextel?

    As I am still in my 30 day trial period, the only decision I have left to make is whether or not I turn off the whole damn thing and just rely on the AT&T phones which everyone in my office already carries for data and text.  (No usable Direct Connect will result in the total loss of my business for Sprint as I don’t need them for any other purpose).  WAKE UP SPRINT!!!!

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