Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8, shares its core with Windows 8

Microsoft took to the stage today and announced Windows Phone 8. The biggest change is the core OS which will share some components with the desktop version of Windows 8. The kernel, networking, multimedia, graphics support will be shared between platforms. Windows Phone core will let manufacturers sell more phones at more price points, and improved PC and phone integration, says Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore. This move will be good for hardware vendors consumers and developers.

Some of the features included in this combined OS will include:

  • Shared core will work on multi-core chips, starting with dual-core and working up 64-core if necessary
  • Scaling up its support for screen resolution, including HD 720P and WXGA. No changes needed by developers to support this resolution.
  • Removable media support that can be added at any point
  • New version of Internet Explorer that is same rendering as the desktop version (IE 10). One web page will work the same on the desktop and mobile. Improves rendering and JavaScript performance.
  • Native code development is now supported. Shared direct X and graphics components will let desktop games be ported to the mobile platform.
  • NFC support
  • New Wallet hub for credit card, membership cards, coupons and more. Works with third-party services and supports secure NFC payments with the security embedded in the SIM (Android embeds its security on the phone). Microsoft is working closely with carriers on this, in particular Orange of France. Orange will be the first to launch these secure SIMs. ISIS support coming next year.
  • Nokia Map technology. Includes detailed maps from Navteq maps and support for offline mapping and turn-by-turn directions. Developers will be able to tap into these maps.
  • Windows Phone will be ready to take on the enterprise market. The OS will include encryption and secure boot, LOB App deployments for business to push out its own maps, device management to manage PC can be used for mobile and Office apps.
  • New start screen. Tiles will now fill up the screen with smaller tiles that you can set yourself. You can put on as many or as few tiles as you want. All tiles are still live. Makes Windows Phone more personal and customizable.

We will add updates to this post as the Microsoft event progresses.

[Via Microsoft]

  • Gregory C Newman

    Microsoft has had a dream to create an OS that could work across all device’s that have a CPU. inside them smart phones today are as powerful as any handheld computer can be due to the fantastic strides in micro miniaturization of electronic components. I wish them great success in their efforts. for  Private consumers and business People .this will be good because Microsoft windows based computer systems will work as  an integrated system of devices that will work well together, At least that is what Microsoft is trying to do. I think the main reason Microsoft took the trouble to make their surface line of tablets computers is have a product they totally control that will integrate with the windows Ecosystem. Microsoft’s OEM Windows 8 tablet makers will try to change the windows Tablet OS APPs system to get some Tablet market share from the Apple “IPAD” many PC USERs and PC fans Like Me don’t give a damn about Microsoft Making an IPAD killer what we need is very fast accurate Windows Tablet computer with fair battery life that will run the thousands upon thousands of PC and Laptop Programs that are already available and tried and tested to work well on a  Windows  PC or Laptop. The Intel CPU windows 8 Computer already has a huge ECO SYSTEM of Business, Educational, Games, Entertainment,  and special purpose Industrial windows Programs. Why isn’t this pointed out?. We PC users and PC fans want and need a good Windows Tablet that can Run the Windows ECO SYSTEM of programs that already there. PC people are not looking for an IPAD killer we are looking for a competent good running Windows tablet computer WE already have the APPS. we hope Microsoft wont let us down. if windows 8 wont do it bring on a better windows OS that will do it.   .

  • Windows phone 8…(not windows 8) is defining the new OS standard of future mobile devices for Microsoft. WP will grow its fan base were ppl will know what ver. of the OS they have. I tell when asked I have a windows phone w/ the latest update & features not I have a windows phone 7.5. WP8, 8.5, 9, 10 will be just that…a windows phone with the latest update & features. Heck in years they may revert back to calling it windows mobile we don’t know, but the name windows phone holds it own reputation that brought in the metro UI & features that we fell in love with. We live in a digital world now if u can’t tell the difference from a mobile os & desktop then u shouldn’t be using either one. 

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