Stitcher Radio app gets updated with Smart Station for personalized show recommendations

Stitcher Radio redesigned its app today for iOS and Android to include a handful of new features such as Smart Station.

Smart Station, which Stitcher brags is an industry first, will give you radio show recommendations based on your listening habits. It pulls in your listening history, favorite shows, and thumbs up to filter down from the over 10,000 shows available and tailor recommendations for you. After generating over 10 million recommendations per day for its users, Stitcher has found that each new listener is discovering five new shows in their first month using the service.

“Stitcher Smart Station is designed to give our listeners more tools for discovery and personalization,” Noah Shanok, CEO of Stitcher, commented. “Our goal is to make talk radio more accessible than ever, and listeners are responding. Since our launch of the Stitcher Election Center in May, we’ve seen an increase in listening by an average of an hour per month.  We’re hoping Stitcher Smart Station gives listeners just as much, if not more, access to new, relevant content within the app.”

Stitcher also fulfills the app’s most requested feature in this update. The new sleep timer lets you choose a time that Stitcher Radio will automatically shut off so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep at night while the radio show is still live and draining your device’s battery. The app also now shows album art from the lock screen and enables easier sharing to Twitter with show descriptions and sources pre-populated and ready for tweeting.

The Stitcher Radio app update is live and free in the App Store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play.

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