Microsoft Surface to cost $600?

Microsoft Surface to cost $600?

DigiTimes‘ ninjas have a new target – Microsoft Surface. They’ve been asking their industry sources in Taiwan about the Redmond giant’s new tablet. Thanks to them [ninjas] we know that Microsoft will most likely ask $599 for the ARM-based Surface (the one with NVidia Tegra 3 processor), while the more expensive model with Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor could go for $799. The report also claims that Pegatron Technology scored the assembly deal, though there are still no firm estimates for order volumes.

Our two cents – Microsoft will have really hard time convincing people to pour out $599 for a tablet. The software giant needs to come out with a more aggressive price to push users to get another device which they don’t necessarily need. Apple’s iPad is not just the most popular tablet out there, but it’s also more affordable and that’s a big problem.

On the other side, Ballmer & Co. must be extra careful not to offend its partners, which will also be making Windows 8 tablets. All in all, it will be kinda hard thing to balance when you think about it…

  • Gregory C Newman

    It is known that Windows PC and  Laptop ECO SYSTEM is HUGE A lot of PC/ Laptop users
    and PC fans would buy a Microsoft  intel i5 Ivry bridge  would spend a 1000 Dollars or more to
    have a well made Competent fast responding Tablet computer that will properly run the Thousands of Windows Business, Educational, Games, and Specialized Industrial related
    windows Programs that are already available and being used today. 800 dollars is steep and wont make it an IPAD killer but at that Price I would buy  a Microsoft Surface Intel i5 Tablet
    Computer because I know the Microsoft Intel Cpu tablet Computer would give a no non sense
    Windows 8 experience and Run the old  Windows Legacy and Windows 7 PC /Laptop

  • Nonsense

    So much for an iPad killer…. $600 to $800 dollars is a price for a laptop. Why not just get one? That’s what the Microsoft surface tablet is anyway… A scaled down laptop…..
    People are silly of they buys this product just to try and beat out Apple.

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