An app alerts users about levels of air pollution

State of the Air

Despite continued improvements in air quality across the U.S., unhealthy levels of air pollution still exist across the nation. According to the Lung Association’s 2012 State of the Air report, more than 127.2 million people live in counties with dangerous levels of ozone or particle pollution, the two most widespread air pollutants.

To combat this threat, the American Lung Association released the State of the Air app for iOS and Android users, targeting people living with diabetes, lung, heart and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), as well as older adults and children.

Available as a free download, the application enables users to enter their zip code or use the geo-locator functionality to get current and next-day air quality conditions. Moreover, users can also see levels of both ozone and particle pollution, and get alerts if local air quality is code orange or worse. In addition and depending on the severity of the day’s air pollution, State of the Air will also provide health recommendations, advising that outdoor activities should be rescheduled or that people who work outdoors should limit extended or heavy exertion.

Pretty cool though we hope you don’t need this app…

State of the Air (FREE) [iTunes link] [Google Play link]

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