With “Easy Phone Sync”, Samsung makes ditching you iPhone for a Galaxy that much easier

Got an Apple iPhone? Tired of looking at a 3.5 inch display and having to put up with a subpar Gmail and Google Maps experience? Samsung wants to make it easy for you to switch to one of their Galaxy devices. Last week the South Korean handset company announced that they’re getting together with “Media Mushroom” to offer their “Easy Phone Sync” app for free to owners of a Galaxy smartphone. Said application promises to move over your contacts, messages, and DRM free media with little to no effort on your part. According to Android Central, the app needs to be installed on your computer and your phone, and when it’s on your phone it runs in the background continuously. That doesn’t exactly sound very appealing to us, though to be fair most of us at IntoMobile Headquarters like to keep as much data in the cloud as possible to make switching devices easy as pie. Moving bits from one device to another sounds so 2009.

Anyway, the more important question here is which Android smartphone should you buy if you’re considering leaving Apple’s ecosystem? There are only a few devices we can recommend. First, the Samsung Galaxy S III. It’s huge, it runs Ice Cream Sandwich, and it’s the fastest thing out there today. The problem? It’s too big for some people and it isn’t exactly cheap. Second, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It’s slightly smaller, runs stock Android, it’ll likely be the first phone to run the next version of the OS, codenamed Jelly Bean, and it’s only $399. And finally third, the Galaxy S II, which is quite easily the best selling Android smartphone to date. App developers know this, so they’ll optimize for the Galaxy S II. Because it’s slightly over a year old, it’s also a bargin.

You could go with one of HTC’s phones … but Sense UI is pretty nasty.

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