Gmail for iOS update adds notification support and persistent logins

iOS Gmail app hitting the AppStore soon

The Gmail app took forever to hit the App Store, which caused much grief for millions of iPhone owners. Then once the popular mail client application finally hit the App Store, it lacked many features Android users used daily. Well, today the iOS Gmail app has finally stepped its game up, with a refresh that makes it a bit more respectable on the functionality side of things.

The update brings the long overdue notification support to allow iPhone users to set up banner alerts and lock screen notifications, doing away with the tedious option of checking their inbox for new messages (which I found to be really annoying). Another important addition, is the app now has persistent login capability. Yes, no more irritating re-entry of your Gmail credentials every time you bounce to another app.

All of these improvements are welcomed, but there still needs to be more, like having the ability to attach a document to an email (something Apple will unleash in iOS 6). That being said, we can’t complain, this is the iOS version of GMail we’re talking about.

[via Engadget]

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