Google Now brings contextual search and on-the-fly reminders to Android 4.1

During a 2010 keynote at the IFA in Berlin, Eric Schmidt described a Google that “can suggest what you should do next” and “what you care about” because Google knows where you are and what you like. Schmidt went on to describe a “near-term future in which you don’t forget anything, because the computer remembers.” During Google’s recent I/O keynote, the company took a step towards this omniscient experience with the introduction of Google Now.

Google Now is a feature that’ll debut with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It uses your search history, calendar entries, location and more to provide you with information that is relevant. For example, you won’t have to worry about traffic on your morning commute because Google knows where you are going and will provide you with an alternate route. And when it’s time to eat dinner, Google Now will recommend local restaurants and even pull up the menu on your Android device. You can see the many ways that you can use Google Now in the promotional video embedded below.

The feature will first hit the Galaxy Nexus, the Nexus S and the Xoom in mid-July when the Android 4.1 update is made available for these devices.


[Via Google]

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