Reuters: Samsung can’t keep up with Galaxy S III demand, they’ll be 2 million units short in Q2

Samsung’s Galaxy S III, which was announced in late May and then began shipping in Europe in late June, is not only a successful product, according to Retuers it’s too damn popular! The South Korean handset vendor can’t make enough of their 4.8 inch flagship superphone. They’re going to fall about 2 million units short for the current quarter. What does that mean for you? That depends on where you live. It’s starting to look rather obvious that Samsung is prioritizing Europe and Asia for Galaxy S III deliveries, meanwhile America’s four major operators are having to tell their customers that they’re facing some delays. The failure to produce enough devices mainly impacts Samsung’s financial results. Every phone they ship starting this Sunday counts towards Q3 2012 sales instead of Q2 2012. That doesn’t really matter anyway since Samsung stopped reporting phone sales quite a few quarters ago.

At the end of the day, not being able to make enough devices is good news. It means people love your stuff. We’re shocked that Samsung of all companies is having issues ramping up their factories, but we’re pretty confident in saying that these guys are going to learn a lot from this launch and that they’ll get their shit together in no time.

Looking ahead, the second half of this year will be jam packed with devices that match and even exceed the prestige that the Galaxy S III exudes. We’re expecting to see the second generation Galaxy Note, the fourth generation Nexus, Nokia’s first Windows Phone 8 devices, Microsoft’s Surface tablets, and let’s not forget the elephant in the room: Apple’s iPhone 5. Samsung sure is going to face a lot of competition, but we think they’ll do just fine. Does anyone really expect HTC, Sony, LG, or Motorola to get any attention during this holiday shopping season?

[Via: The Verge]

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