Samsung’s Galaxy S III is facing delays in America because engineers wanted to make it future proof

When you buy a tool, let’s say a hammer, you don’t care if a better hammer comes out a few weeks later since both hammers do exactly the same thing. They bang nails into the wall. Phones however are a different story. When you buy a phone you’re not just buying a battery powered lump of plastic and glass, you’re buying into an ecosystem. You know your device will do X, Y, and Z out of the box, but you buy a smartphone expecting it to be open to new experiences if you invest enough time browsing for applications or asking your friends how to make the best use out of your new toy.

One month ago Samsung started shipping their 2012 flagship device, the Galaxy S III. They knew, along with everyone else, that a new version of Android was going to get released this year. According to The Verge, the reason that the launch of the American Galaxy S III has been delayed so many times is because Samsung wanted to make sure that their devices are “future proof”. So what exactly did they do to the Yankee variants? They shoved 2 GB of RAM inside. Why? Because their engineers weren’t “100% sure” what sort of hardware was going to be required to run Jelly Bean.

It’s an interesting story, but this writer doesn’t buy it. Samsung is, for all intents and purposes, the main company that’s driving Android at the moment. If their engineers weren’t told how much RAM they’ll need to put inside a device to run Jelly Bean, then what does that tell you about how the two companies interact? Also, Samsung doesn’t want to admit it, but they see Europe and Asia as more attractive markets. They don’t like having to deal with America’s operators, especially when they have to swap out their Exynos processor for a Qualcomm Snapdragon.

And hey, “future proof”, really? Something tells us this is a PR piece.

  • Tyler

    FINALLY, someone tells it like it is. Thank you very much for that. It’s so obvious, but everyone else seems to just blindly report what they hear – “overwhelming demand…future proof”, etc. The truth is that most manufacturers have a real disdain for the US (our carriers are largely to blame), which always causes significant delays compared to Europe and Asia, and the US doesn’t always get the best phones (or we get some kind of cheaper, modified version). A good example is the HTC incredible vs. the HTC Desire. Samsung also had a major recall on the blue version of the S3, which caused a stock shortage that they simply shifted to the US (again, this fact is now just ignored).

    If you want the best phones and ON TIME, you unfortunately have to live in Europe or Asia.

    • Ben


      Additionally, if the Galaxy Nexus is capable of running Jelly Bean, then of course the SGS3 will be able to run it also. We already knew the SGS3 was going to have 2GB for the US, I think Korea’s already did too…

  • This delay is not happen in every peace of mobile phone because I am using the same peace of Samsung. But yet I have never got any problem in this one.

  • John

    Fucking hate US carriers. I’ve been dieing to get this on Verizon, but they won’t even announce when it’s going to be released.

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