TechnoBuffalo pits the iOS 6 version of Siri against Jelly Bean’s Google Search

TechnoBuffalo pitted Siri on an iPhone 4S running iOS 6 against Google’s new Android 4.1 voice assistant running on a Galaxy Nexus. Jon Rettinger asked the two voice assistants common questions like what’s the weather and who won yesterday’s baseball game.

The two platforms take different approaches to the feature, with Siri asking more questions to confirm what the user wants to do, while Google just takes the user right where they want to go with very little follow-up voice interaction.  Android Jelly Bean’s implementation also was faster with its responses and the voice was less robotic and more pleasing. Overall, TechnoBuffalo concludes that Google’s voice search outperforms Apple’s improved version of Siri.

Android’s new Voice search will debut with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, while the improved version of Siri will land with iOS 6 this fall. You can check out the head-to-head comparison in the YouTube video embedded below.

[Via TechnoBuffalo]

  • zegbana

    this wont matter when the iphone 5 comes out. iphone 5 will be 40% FASTER 

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