Apple granted preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus

On Friday, Apple won its second legal victory over Samsung in less than a week. US District Judge Lucy Koh agreed with the Cupertino company that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus infringes on Apple’s patents. Apple successfully convinced the judge that all four of its patents are valid and that Samsung infringes on at least one of them. The patents involved in this case include a unified search patent that covers part of Siri, a slide-to-unlock patent, a data tapping patent and an autocorrect patent. Koh granted Apple a preliminary injunction that would ban US sales of the flagship Android device.

Apple must post a $96 million bond for the injunction to go into effect and the company is expected to take this step quickly. Samsung will likely appeal and ask for a stay which would let the Korean company sell the Galaxy Nexus until this infringement is decided by the court. With another win under its belt, Apple may decide to postpone its first lawsuit with Samsung so it can ask the judge to ban the upcoming Galaxy S III as well.

[Via FOSS Patents]

  • Apple needs to stop because samsung is making next level phones and there not the iphone is dated compared to android phones¬†

  • it.dept.ams

    And the Judge is STUPID ENOUGH is she win the Rotten Apple for their silly patent. Apple is a big den of thieves, they stole everyone ideas and patented it. And this Judge Lucy Koh is paid by Apple to win Apple in this case? GET A LIFE APPLE!!!

  • Askekene

    Please Apple should try and get a life. Their product is not that fascinating and they want to blame their flaws on other companies. Samsung is global while Apple is for the US and Western Europe. We are not fools and we can’t continue to watch them make us one.

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