Nokia claims the Nexus 7 infringes on its patents

Let the Nexus 7 hate begin. Almost one week after Google announced its introduction into the tablet market, the search giant finds its Nexus 7 tablet under some heat from the waterloo company known as Nokia. The Finnish based manufacturer is accusing Google and Asus of infringing on its patents. Yes, you heard correct.

According to Nokia, Google and Asus are in violation of using the company’s IEEE 802.11 WiFi standard. In a statement to The Inquirer, a Nokia spokesperson said:

“Nokia has more than 40 licensees, mainly for its standards essential patent portfolio, including most of the mobile device manufacturers. Neither Google nor Asus is licensed under our patent portfolio.” Also adding, “Companies who are not yet licensed under our standard essential patents should simply approach us and sign up for a license.”

All of this tough talk from Nokia is hot air, as the company more than likely won’t seek an injunction against the Nexus 7. The Finnish phone maker will probably just continue to complain about something it feels it’s in the right on, requesting that Google or Asus obtain the proper licenses for its WiFi technology.

So far there isn’t any word from Google, but an Asus spokesperson refused to comment to The Inquirer on Nokia’s claims, saying, “at the moment, Asus will not be providing any response/comment related.”

[via The Inquirer]


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