Samsung responds to Android Jelly Bean upgrade questions

It hasn’t been long after Google announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but Android users are already eager to find out if their device will qualify for the software update. Since Samsung is the most popular manufacturer of Android devices, the company is feeling some extra pressure to get its upgrade plans out to the public. HTC quickly responded by saying a wide range of its handsets will support Jelly Bean, but that it is “reviewing the software to determine our upgrade plans and schedule.” Samsung recently had something of its own to say.

“Samsung will soon announce which additional devices are eligible for the Jelly Bean update. As the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung leads the Android community with best-in-class devices like the Galaxy S III, and is creating new device categories with products like the Galaxy Note,” the company said in a statement. “Samsung has delivered the most Nexus-branded lead OS devices and we are pleased that Google will be bringing Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S customers the first experiences of Jelly Bean on a handheld device.”

Cool. Awesome. That managed to answer absolutely no questions, unless of course people were wondering whether Samsung is pleased with Google bringing Jelly Bean to the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S. We’re glad you’re happy, Samsung.

Hopefully vendors like Samsung, HTC, and others won’t wait long to get the update in the hands of their customers. We’re approaching Ice Cream Sandwich’s first birthday and as of the beginning of June, it’s only running on 7.1 percent of Android devices. Google has said in the past it will try to help vendors get OS updates out quicker, but has not yet delivered on that promise. Perhaps Jelly Bean will be a turnaround.

[via PocketNow]

  • Anonymous

    What a cop out Samsung! You didn’t answer anything lol we just want to know when our BRAND NEW Galaxy SIII’s will get JellyBean. Shit, you could’ve even lied, and that wouldve been a better answer than what we just got . Everyone knows the nexus devices are getting the update , nothing new here lol

  • Robby Cannon

    Samsung Note, and I’m still waiting for ICS argh. At this point, I’d prefer them to skip ICS and just give me JB for the Note. Google really needs to come up with a game plan to help manufactures and carriers get these updates out quickly, as well as require updates to hardware capable devices in some sort of reasonable time frame. 

  • Arun

    Don’t bet on it. AT&T took until friggin last week to get Samsung’s ICS update out for the Galaxy S2. Even if Samsung wants the update, carriers will drag their asses for as long as they can.

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