Bill Gates sees the Surface as a “signature device” that’s not hurting the PC ecosystem

Last month Microsoft announced two tablet devices, one called Surface, the other called Surface Pro. These are the company’s first computers and to many they represent the start of a new era at Microsoft. Before the Surface tablets, people thought of Microsoft as a software company. Every two to three years they’d pop out an operating system, ship it to their partners, and then those partners would be responsible for making sure consumers bought Windows computers. With Surface, Microsoft is now competing against the very same companies that were responsible for their success for the past two and a half decades. Charlie Rose recently sat down with Bill Gates to ask him about what he thinks about Surface. Here’s his answer:

“I actually believe you can have the best of both worlds. You can have a rich eco-system of manufacturers and you can have a few signature devices that show off, wow, what’s the difference between a tablet and a PC? You can get everything you like about a tablet, everything you like a PC, all in one device. That should change the way people look at things.”

Make no mistake, Microsoft is taking a huge bet with Windows 8 and Surface. Between that OS and two two devices, the company is essentially rebooting everything that everyone knows about them. We could point to the iPad and say Apple is to blame for all this, but we think there’s a bigger story here that’s not being talked about. Microsoft is frankly a little tired of seeing ASUS, Acer, HP, and everyone else create clones of the MacBook Air and then put Windows on them. If Microsoft thinks they can do a better job at making PCs themselves, then why not?

They have the money, they have the time, and they most definitely have the brains.

[Via: The Verge]

  • Joey Mauro

    “They have the money, they have the time, and they most definitely have the brains.”

    All those things can be directed at Bill Gates himself.

    P.S. As much as many people hate the guy, Bill Gates giving away his fortune is a first class act. I hope Windows 8 blows out the top! Remember, a TON of the proceeds go to charity.

  • Anonymous

    I think Microsoft is playing a dangerous game with their partners.   We have laughed in the past decade when people would announce “this is the year for desktop Linux” but I think their traditional partners may take another look at Linux.  With optimized drivers, the coming death of Flash, HTML 5, and web office tools like Google Docs, Linux is looking viable these days.  I personally think traditional users will reject Windows 8 on the laptop and PC and Joe average, finding Win 8 confusing .  Google has a Linux distro they offer their own developers, what if Google offered this well thought out distro to the public and PC mfgs?

  • Gregory C Newman

    OEM”S are In it for the money baby if their Window x86 Intel/AMD CPU or Windows 8 “RT”
    Tablet computers do not sell well they wont continue to make them. Folks Microsoft will continue to make and sell the “Surface” Tablet computers because they do not want the “Ipad “Tablet to be the Dominant Tablet Computer to be used in the Enterprise (Business}  The windows “RT” Tablet computers I Think are good but it will take 2 years for it to be able to have enough APPS made by the developers to be an “Ipad” alternative. A good plus Windows “RT” Tablets have is that they can be very useful right out of the box because they come loaded with Microsoft “Word, Excel, PowerPoint and  OneNote which means The Enterprise might like to use them as well as Private citizens to do some office work or write a book, news Article, Make a spread sheet or presentation ect  It wont be a DUD do nothing Tablet. I want to buy the the X86 intel CPU Microsoft surface “PRO” to use as a PC or Tablet.  It has an Huge  ECO System of Windows PC/Laptop Business, Educational, Games, Internet based Entertainment, and specialty custom windows Programs that make it a powerful Tablet/PC right out of the box.

  • Gregory C Newman

    A lot of People think Windows 8 will fail because of the Metro start screen I hope not because Tests have shown that “Windows 8” works better and faster than “Windows 7” Folks get over the I hate Metro thing   I have used all 3 windows 8 preview OS’s Microsoft has released to the Public and have learned to deal with the “Metro start screen”. To me it is just an extra windows screen to use when I want to. I wont go back to windows 7 to loose that extra “Windows screen”. I think  although it may not be mentioned to the Public the Head guys Mr. Ballmer and Microsoft’s Board of directors will definitely go back to a more traditional “Desktop centered windows 9 with a metro tiles screen but not booting up first to a Metro start screen if Windows 8 does not take OFF. They will do this if they have to to insure that “Windows ” is still the Dominant OS in the “Enterprise” which is where their Bread and Butter is.

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