RIM tells Ottawa employees to cancel their vacations, work six days a week

While RIM Ceo Thorston Heins continues to talk rosily about RIM’s future, the dire state of the company is becoming all too real for employees in its Ottawa headquarters. According to a report in the Ottawa Citizen, RIM is curtailing summer vacations and telling workers they must work six days a week. This big push is meant to get the already-stalled BlackBerry 10 operating system out the door sooner than expected. Earlier this year, RIM said its BlackBerry 10 phones were expected to land this fall, but CEO Heins confirmed last week that unexpected problems have forced RIM to delay the launch until 2013. The news of the delay and the overtime work did not sit well with some employees. It also rattled some investors who’s outlook on RIM remains grim.

[Ottawa Citizen]


  • Anonymous

    Any more proof that RIM has an issue with delivering things on time? That everything is not under control? Perhaps that BB10 won’t even show up in Q1 2013, as promised?

    I personally believe that whoever is runnig the OS development project is either overwhelmed by the scope of the project, severely underestimated the scope of the project, or is just plain incompetent. I futher would like to say that all of the sofware and hardware engineering processes are deeply flawed, and is what has lead to the repreated inability to meet delivery dates.


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