Changelog for the next version of Twitter for iOS leaks, reveals major new features coming

If you own a device that runs Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, and if you use Twitter as your primary means of consuming up to date information, then chances are you don’t use Twitter’s official Twitter app. Why? Let’s cut straight to the chase, it’s shit. Power users don’t get all the advanced features they’re used to in clients such as Tweetbot, new users get bombarded with advertisements, the only reason Twitter even has an official Twitter app is because of the application focused world we live in. People assume their favorite service has an app, so they’ll search for it in whatever app store their new phone has. If it isn’t there, then you bet that plenty of third parties will have their own apps, often not free, available for willing users.

According to 9to5Mac, they have information regarding the next version of Twitter’s official app. What’s exciting is that it’s supposed to actually be good. Tweets will become more “interactive”, by that they mean they’ll display more metadata. The connect tab will also supposedly show you more information, though no screenshots were provided. Most importantly, performance is said to have gone up, though to be fair the bar is set really low right now with the current version.

When is this new app due? We sadly can’t answer that question. We don’t know.

Look, just do yourself a favor and get Tweetbot. It’s $2.99, which to some might sound ridiculous, but that’s probably what you pay for a cup of coffee in a nice café or a bottle of beer in a shady bar. And like we said earlier, if you live on Twitter, 140 characters at a time, then it’s worth it to get yourself a decent Twitter app. Tweetbot is easily the most used application on this writer’s iPhone.

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