Six new Nokia phones have been leaked thanks to Nokia themselves

Nokia has this really cool service for developers called “Remote Device Access”, RDA for short. Instead of making developers pay top dollar for smartphones to test their apps on, they can instead secure some time to remotely play with a handful of devices that sit in one of Nokia’s offices. According to GSM Arena and Nokia Power User, there are six new devices that have appeared in Nokia’s RDA tool. We want to stress that we don’t know anything about these phones, these are just product names. With that, here they are: “Nokia 510”, “Nokia Belle 805”, “Nokia Lumia 910”, “Nokia Lumia 920”, “Nokia Lumia 950”, and finally the “Nokia Lumia 1001”.

Let’s speculate, shall we? The Nokia 510 is likely a successor to the Nokia 500, which was announced in August 2011. That device was pitched as the company’s cheapest Symbian smartphone, coming in at around 150 EUR. The 510 probably has some updated specs and a lower price tag. As for the Belle 805, it’s probably the Nokia 808 PureView, minus the massive camera. Think back to the Nokia N8. There was a cheaper version that had all the same specs, but without the impressive camera. It was called the C7-00. And now let’s talk Lumia: 910, 920, 950. We know Sprint and Verizon are going to start selling Windows Phones soon, could the 910 and 920 be variants of the 900? And the 950 … that’s a tough one. Maybe a QWERTY packing model?

Before you get your panties all wet, just because these devices were spotted on Nokia’s RDA doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll come out. Rumor has it that Nokia has two phones running Meltemi ready to ship this summer, but then Elop pulled the plug at the last minute because he wants the world to focus on the Lumia Windows Phones. It would be suicide to try and sell Symbian phones in today’s market, and selling Windows Phone 7.5/7.8 devices wouldn’t be wise either.

Update: We pinged Eldar Murtazin from Mobile-Reiew about these phones.

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