New iPhone 5 casing leaked, shows centered FaceTime camera

Well, what do you know, another sighting of what seems to be the new casing on the iPhone 5 has surfaced. Let’s face it, this is the time of the year (iPhone launch time) when rumors run rampant; this is why we released our own Rumor roundup of what to expect in the next-generation iPhone.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. This latest leak comes through a Chinese site called, who apparently found the images on Photobucket. Now, to say that this source is sketchy is a massive understatement, as no one really believes someone who works at Apple would post a picture of the iPhone 5’s front faceplate on Photobucket of all places.

Interestingly, the faceplate does match up with what 9to5Mac has shown in the past, which has the front-facing camera for video chat centered underneath the ear speaker.

That being said, if the new iPhone turns out to resemble the iPhone 4’s same exact width and bezel — I’d be extremely disappointed. I say that because this would mean Apple half-assed the industrial design for the first time in the iPhones’ existence. For the past five years, we’ve all been accustomed to seeing a completely refreshed design of the iPhone in a two year cycle. If we just see the usual 30-pin dock replaced with a 19-pin mini connector, along with a 4-inch display thrown on a stretched-out version of the 4S — it would be a HUGE let down.

[via TC]

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see the huge let down part. Do we need it to be wider with less bezel? Or skinnier with more bezel? No. This design is actually one of the most refreshing just due to its screen, ultra thin design, and unconventional aluminum-glass back.

    • That all sounds great, really. But, if these rumors are true, why keep essentially the same form factor as the iPhone 4? That’s my whole point. I just refuse to believe Apple has become so self-absorbed, to the point, it recycles a two year design (excluding the 19-pin mini connector, screen, and LTE). 

    • Anonymous

      You haven’t even held it yet.  How the hell do you know it’ll be ultra thin or “one of the most refreshing”?

  • It could also be the new iPod Touch! Also, just because the front plate is the same doesn’t mean the design won’t change at all.

    • Anonymous

      No, see the headset piece.

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