Firefox Mobile OS nightlies now available – Get a taste now!

We know that the Firefox Mobile OS is on its way, and some of us think that it’s DOA. Well, nightly builds of the mobile OS are now available for your downloading pleasure, so we’ll see what others think about the OS very soon.

With a touch of iOS and Android, along with the Symbian-esque icons, the pictures aren’t all that telling. Of course, there’s likely a lot more under the hood of the OS and this might just be the surface. Still, to truly compete with iOS and Android, Firefox OS, along with any other upcoming mobile operating system, a killer feature needs to be in place. While Mozilla could bring a killer browsing experience to its OS – better than the experience if offers on competing platforms, Google has that covered. Apple has everything else covered, pretty much.

The mobile OS space is already pretty crowded, and the number 3 platform Windows Phone, is still struggling to deserve that title. Now with Firefox OS, BlackBerry 10, and whatever HP decides to do with WebOS, the overwhelming amount of choice may indeed have an adverse affect and make users run to the familiar, which are the two largest mobile operating systems in the world. When both iOS and Android consist of 90% of the smartphone market in the US alone, it will be interesting to see how the contenders perform when they arrive.

One move you shouldn’t make, though, is to launch a handful of devices, announce a new version of the OS, and then say existing devices won’t get the update. Don’t do that.

If you want to get your hands on the Firefox OS nightlies, head over here to download them. You’re going to need some know how to get things up and running, but they are meant for developers anyway.

If you’ve managed to load up the new nightlies, tell us what you think about the OS in the comments below!

[Via: ArsTechnica, TheVerge]


  • Robert Reyes

    Kewlness! How were you able to take the screenshots?

  • Anonymous

    As much as I love android.. I can’t help being worried about who its developed by. Google. What is google’s product? Definitely not all the FREE things they provide.. No.. thats just the trap to lure you in.. Google’s real product is your and i’s personal information that they sell to companies. Every day i feel a little more that my android devices are not actually mine, but a tool that is being used against me.

    Hopefully firefox os being totally open, will prevent this.

  • Anass Eljondy

    how to test it on Htc Desire A8181 ?

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