HTC confirms that Jelly Bean is coming to the One X, One XL and One S

HTC spoke to The Verge and spelled out its plans for bringing Jelly Bean to some of its phones. Though its didn’t address the fate of older models, the handset maker did confirm that Jelly Bean is coming to the One series handsets.

We know HTC fans are excited to get their hands on Google’s latest version of Android. At this point in time, we can confirm that we have plans to upgrade our HTC One X, HTC One XL and HTC One S to Jelly Bean. Please stay tuned for more updates regarding device upgrades, timing and other details about HTC and Jelly Bean.

Noticeably missing from the list is the entry-level One V, which is available from US Cellular and Virgin Mobile. The One V might not have the hardware chops to support Jelly Bean, so we will have to wait on HTC is to commit one way or the other to a release. The Taiwanese handset maker didn’t give a release date for its Jelly Bean update as that is variable and depends on the smooth development of Sense for Jelly Bean and the carrier’s willingness to test and approve updates in a timely manner.

[Via The Verge]

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