The Walking Dead coming to iOS Thursday for $4.99

Well, what have we here? It seems my favorite PC and console game of 2012, The Walking Dead, is coming to iOS this Thursday for $4.99. The folks over at Telltale Games have reworked the controls for The Walking Dead to support the touch-only interface found in the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices, where onscreen gestures as opposed to clicks will help you ward off zombies and fight your way to safety.

The story is the same as that found on PC/Consoles; you take the helm as Lee Everett, a convict set free into the middle of a zombie apocalypse who you must fight through the zombie horde to survive another day. The Walking Dead is an episode-based game, where each decision you make has an impact on the future direction of the game, and where relationship building is much more important than mindlessly killing zombies. The game will remember your decisions for future episodes, leading to a gaming experience that’s truly your own.

The Walking Dead, Episode 1 will go on sale this Thursday, July 26 for $4.99. Once you purchase the first episode, you’ll be able to purchase episodes 2-5 individually for $4.99 each, or as a package for $14.99. The additional episodes will be made available on a more-or-less monthly basis, and the game will most likely notify you when a new episode is made available. I’ve played through the first two episodes on PC, and if the iOS version is anywhere near as good as the experience that version provided, the game will easily be worth the dough.

[via Telltale Games]

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