GetJar shows it cures the Google Play woes – Virtual currency program hits 10 Million users

GetJar recently shared some new stats pertaining to an application that got on board with the company’s virtual currency program. And just in case that you don’t necessarily believe that virtual currency is the way to go, the company also just announced some very impressive details on the program’s growth in a short amount of time.

If you aren’t aware of how GetJar Gold works, we’ll spell it out for you. With the GetJar Rewards application installed from Google Play, users can gain GetJar Gold by downloading applications that are in the GetJar network. When a user has accumulated enough Gold, it can be spent like real money to purchase virtual goods, premium versions of the application, or other in-app content for free. Users don’t have to spend the $0.99 cents on unlocking the next level of the game they love, as they can just use their earned gold from GetJar and discover new and interesting applications in the process.

On the flip side, developers can turn that gold into real money. Best of all, this can all be done without the need of Google Checkout, which allows the developer to get to customers in countries that do not support paid applications through Google Checkout. It’s genius, really. GetJar’s virtual currency has a greater reach than even Google. Go figure. Not only that, but it allows developers make money without the user paying up.

One of the best examples of how something like the GetJar Rewards SDK can help developers is Solo by Coding Caveman. Solo is the most popular guitar application on Android, which is offered up in lite and premium versions. Solo lite has seen more than 10,000,000 application downloads, which is impressive in itself, but the paid application that runs at $3.99 hadn’t seen nearly that amount of success. That’s when Coding Caveman implemented GetJar’s Rewards SDK into Solo, and the results were rather impressive out of the gate.

As you can see, within the first two months of using GetJar’s Rewards SDK alone, Solo saw pretty significant increase in daily revenue. Combining the daily revenue gained from both the GetJar Rewards SDK and Google Checkout, we can imagine that Coding Caveman is now a more happy Coding Caveman.

In fact, Morne Pistorius, owner of Coding Caveman says just that.

“GetJar Rewards provides a way to monetize free app users without the negative connotations associated with many other monetization strategies. I’m happy, my users are happy, it really is a win for everyone.”

Sure, this may just be one example of how GetJar rewards has been successful with one developer, but we have our doubts it will stop there. No, if you have a crap app, you’re probably not going to make a lot of money off of it. Developers should know this. If you’re a developer in a similar situation as Coding Caveman, GetJar Rewards will likely be a nice fit.

But we know what you’re thinking. “Sounds cool, but no one uses things like that. ” On the contrary, doubters – GetJar just recently announced that it’s exceeded over 10 million users in less than five months.

This kind of growth in such a little amount of time proves that GetJar is doing something right and it looks like it can only go up from here!

If you need any more convincing to check out GetJar Rewards, read the press release below. If you’re sold and want to get in on the Gold, grab GetJar Rewards from the Google Play Store right here. Developers, if you want to use the GetJar Rewards SDK, head over to the site right here!

GetJar Gold Virtual Currency Reaches 10 Million Users

Reflects 100% month-over-month growth; doubles revenues for developers


SAN MATEO, CA – July 26, 2012 – GetJar, the world’s largest independent app store, announced today that its GetJar Gold Virtual Currency Program has hit 10 million users in less than five  months, proving that  loyalty based programs such as GetJar Gold resonate well with both consumers and developers.

Consumers are rewarded with Virtual Currency (Gold Coins) every time they download an app thereby creating millions of wallets with Gold balances available for spending in all participating developer apps.


The GetJar Gold Virtual Currency program is available to all Android developers interested in discovery and monetization that want to increase their revenues on a global basis.  Developers can integrate the GetJar Gold SDK as an in-app purchase mechanism or to sell upgrades, levels, items, or virtual goods within their apps. Most importantly, it enables developers to accept GetJar Gold virtual currency on top of existing payment structures. The program was introduced at the end of February and has proved to be successful with developers everywhere including Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios, Solo by Coding Caveman and Go SMS by Go Development Team GDT.


Morne Pistorius, creator and owner of the hugely popular Solo app saw his revenue double with the integration of the GetJar Gold Virtual Currency. “GetJar Gold provides a way to monetize free app users without the negative connotations associated with many other monetization programs,” said Pistorius. “I am very happy with the outcome and the results show that this is a truly global solution.” After deploying the SDK it offered a way to convert existing consumers and increase conversions to the paid app and offer in-app purchases on a global basis.


GetJar’ s Chairman Ilja Laurs comments, “We are thrilled with the success of GetJar Gold Virtual Currency so far, users get the content for free and developers get paid for creating great apps like Solo and Go SMS. It is increasingly difficult for users to pay for content given the limited payment options available in many countries.  That’s why GetJar Gold works so well, it invites advertisers to participate as a third-party and it rewards consumers for downloading the apps and pays developers who make them.”


GetJar Gold payments have a number of advantages over traditional billing solutions.   The virtual nature of the GetJar Gold currency allows for one click transactions without multi-step registrations or other obstacles. For new users, GetJar Gold Wallets are created instantly, allowing for immediate purchases.
GetJar Gold can be accepted in all countries, not just the ones currently on offer. Additionally, all demographics, not just credit card owners, are represented which increases the size of the potential audience a GetJar Gold developer can monetize.


Over 10,000,000 users are now using GetJar Gold as a way to get premium content and in-app purchases for free.  For more information about the GetJar Gold Virtual Currency program visit





GetJar is the world’s largest independent app store with over 2.5 billion downloads to date. GetJar Gold is a loyalty program that rewards users with virtual currency for downloading apps from GetJar. The company distributes more than 600,000 mobile applications from over 450,000 registered developers. TIME named GetJar one of “10 Start-Ups That Will Change Your Life.” GetJar is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Seattle, the UK, and Lithuania. For more information, visit and follow the company @GetJar on Twitter.



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