Stamped 2.0 app launches with Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres on board

Stamped, one of my favorite apps and what I personally named one of the best in 2011, is out with version 2.0 of its app. It’s completely redesigned and reimagined with features that give it new purpose and celebrity users like Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres, and Ryan Seacrest to help reel in some more users.

The new Stamped has a modified design that builds upon sharing what you like, seeing what your friends like, and discovering new things to like. The main feed is still there but underneath there’s a slider now with three viewing options: your own stamps, you and your friends, and tastemakers, which are generally celebrities or people on Stamped who have a big influence.

The stamp icon for posting your own stamps has been moved to the top right of the app. Tapping it brings up a sidebar on the right with five main categories to stamp: nearby places, books, music, movies, and apps. It seems Stamped has learned from what its users were stamping most and has now streamlined the categories, although it is still possible to stamp other things as well.

A big new part of the app is The Guide, which reminds me of Foursquare’s Explore feature. Tapping The Guide from the menu brings up those same five categories, but you are encouraged to discover new things you may like. It even integrates with third-party services so you can buy movie tickets, listen to music, or make restaurant reservations right from within the app.

One last thing I noticed as part of Stamped 2.0 is the new web view. You can view users’ stamps in a well-designed profile page on the web (here I am) but you’ll have to download the iPhone app to make any interactions.

I highly recommend checking out Stamped 2.0. It’s a free app available now for the iPhone.

[via TechCrunch]

  • i love Justin because of his voice and his style… i love u justin i love you and i hate @Selena Gomez 😛

  • But be aware that all apps contain spyware that collects data about you.

  • WOW Bieber-stamps, exactly what the World needs right now.

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