IntoNow iOS app gets song recognition, group chat, and a meme generator

Yahoo updated the IntoNow app for iPhone and iPad to version 3.0 and with it comes a generous amount new features that presumably aim to ramp up user engagement within the app.

The one that people are probably going to have the most fun with is CapIt, which is essentially a meme generator. Once IntoNow recognizes what television show you’re watching, you can then tap CapIt to get started. It brings up other users’ recent memes and the option to create your own. If you create your own, you’ll get access to a column of different images from the show that you can caption just like a meme — complete with the standard Impact font in white with a black border.

If you watch a television show and you really like the song that’s playing in the background but have no way of finding out what that song is, Music Sync, new for version 3.0, will save the day. In the same menu where CapIt is located, just tap “Music Sync” to identity the mysterious song.

The final major addition to IntoNow is the group chat feature, which works mostly as you’d expect. It’s meant to serve as a way to chat with friends about the show you’re watching, but you can chat about anything. You can send those CapIt memes to each other and even schedule the conversation to resume the next time a particular show airs.

IntoNow 3.0 is a major new update available now in the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

[via TechCrunch]

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