Spotify launches free, unlimited Radio service for Android users

Spotify launched its free, unlimited Radio service for US iOS users last month and now it’s time for Android users to take part in the fun. Just like their iOS counterparts, Android users can listen to their choice of stations based on an album, artist or playlist. Users can skip a song that they don’t like, though free users are limited in the number of songs that they can skip.

Similar to Pandora, Spotify users can also thumbs up or thumbs down a song to help Spotify learn what music they like. When you “thumbs up” a song,  Spotify will save it in a “Liked from Radio” playlist. The Radio service is available for free for all Android users. If want more than just radio staiotns on your Android device, Spotify still offers its $10 unlimited on-demand service that’ll let you stream music from the Spotify library to your mobile device.

[Via Spotify]

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