Seattle residents will soon be able to pay for parking using their mobile phones

Seattle will soon become the third US city to adopt a pay by phone parking system for its city streets. According to a report in the Puget Sound Business Journal, the city is contracting with Canadian company PayByPhone to offer the new mobile payment service for its residents.

Instead of fishing for coins to drop into a meter, residents who sign up for the service can pay for on-street parking using their mobile phone at a PayByPhone kiosk. In some implementations, the system will use NFC or QR codes to detect your location and start the time on your parking meter. When your meter is about to expire, the system will alert you via a text message and even let you extend your time right from your phone.

PayByPhone operates the service in several cities including Vancouver, B.C.; London, England; Ottawa, Ontario; Miami, Florida and San Francisco, California. It will be coming to Seattle’s 13,000 on-street parking spaces sometime this fall.

[Via Puget Sound Business Journal]

  • Anonymous

    In addition to the cities mentioned in the article, you can also pay by phone in Washington, D.C. Make that four cities. 

  • Marek

    Pay by phone is also available in Dublin Ireland

  • Lean

    Hmm. At least in Finland you can park your car, open an application on your phone (ios, win or android), press a button that says PARK and walk away. It recognizes your location and charges you according to that. All you need is a tiny sticker glued to your windscreen so that the traffic wardens know to check your plate from the system. This works at least in the largest cities.

  • Nebojsa Dubroja

    In Serbia, all major cities have similar system, pay parking by phone (sms parking) is working almost 5 years. Town is divide in zones, on the street you have traffic signs where is written which zone is and procedure how to send sms and pay parking time (one hour). Server will notify you by sms, 5 min before expire time. People who are checking parking time are checking throw your register plate on the server. Very simple and working perfect. You can still by paper ticket and put it under the windshield.

    • Jozsef

       Same system is implemented in some cities in Romania.

    • Sofia

      The same in Bulgaria – Sofia.

  • Robert Heffner

    What is new about it?
    We do the same for years in Budapest (Hungary)…

  •  Most cities in Belgium use the system for some years now.

  • Junior Mesquita

    We are doing this here in Brazil for at least 3 years now! 

  • Marius Bancila

    This is available in Timisoara, Romania for several years.

  • souvenirs

    Dear Author,

    What’s the news here, is it worth to write an arcticle about old and established service being finally implemented also to Seattle ?

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