Apple responds to Samsung’s leak of evidence, wants case against it thrown out

Well, Samsung had to know there’d be ramifications for its decision to leak evidence that was rejected by the court to the press. Apple submitted a request to the US District Court today asking Judge Lucy Koh to dismiss the charges Samsung brought against Apple, and rule that Samsung did in fact violate Apple’s phone design patents. Apple feels the move would “fully rectify the harm that Samsung and [lawyer] Mr. Quinn have done.” Apple believes it cannot receive a fair trial since the leaked documents cannot be unseen by the public, and since it was Samsung’s own team that leaked the evidence, the case against Apple should be thrown out.

Of course, this is unlikely to happen, though it certainly will make for an interesting rest of the week in the Apple vs. Samsung case. In the meantime, you can read the 18-page Apple statement in its entirety at this link. We’ll continue to bring you updates from the case as they unfold.

[via Ars Technica]


  • Bradley Larcher

    Boohoo Apple. You guys would do anything to stop Android. If they throw out Samsung’s case, they will be defenseless and it will be a walk in the park for you. What Samsung did was show that they were right when they say they did not copy your design.

    Now on another note, why don’t the two of you just shake hands, come to a cross license agreement and call it a day. But that will never happen since all you guys care about is money. 

  • Anonymous

    So Apple is calling foul because factual information that hurts their case was made available to the public? 

    • no, it would be because Samsung violated the court’s ruling. Normally, when a lawyer leaks evidence to the press that was not allowed in court, the case gets thrown out. Wasn’t likely to happen in such a high profile case, but it was a legitimate gripe.

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