AT&T stores to get an Apple-like overhaul, iPads to replace computers

AT&T is planning to drastically change the way its stores look starting in the year 2013, according to sources. The second largest wireless provider in the U.S. is geared to turn its retail locations into something more like an Apple retail store. The company wants to replace those clunky and outdated computers (running OPUS) sitting on top of the counters where its employees work.

AT&T is making the necessary changes to incorporate iPhones and iPads running a stripped down version of OPUS, the software currently running on its computers. Of course, these iOS devices will be limited in the sense that the devices will only perform simple functions like accepting payments for accessories and basic account management. In the next couple of years AT&T plans to ditch computers all together, and use iPads with a full featured version of its operating system OPUS. The new interpretation of OPUS, will do everything the old computer does and more, including point-of-sale configuration, an upgrade check system, and a system to research customer accounts.

A lot of planning is going into this change. If you’ve ever gone to an Apple store, then you have an idea into what AT&T plans to accomplish here. In the future, employees, who are no longer chained to a register, will stalk the store and be more persistent, when it comes to beckoning to your every wish. You can also expect to see email transaction receipts, a centralized printer for paper, or a centralized cash drawer for that green paper ($). The Death Star is just the latest company on a long list who’s dumping desktop PCs. If this isn’t the sign of a post PC era, then we don’t know what is.

[via 9to5Mac]

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