Sorry legacy device owners, in-app purchasing available on Windows Phone 8 only

When Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8 back in June, it left a sour taste in the mouths of current Windows Phone owners. These individuals will have to live with Windows Phone 7.8, a watered down version of Windows Phone 8 meant for devices that can’t fully handle all the added features Microsoft has been cooking up. In what will assuredly be viewed as yet another blow to current Windows Phone owners, Microsoft’s Dev Center shows that application developers can only make in-app purchase content available to Windows Phone 8 users. As in-app purchasing uses Microsoft’s new Wallet Hub, it’s likely that legacy Windows Phone devices won’t have access to that feature as well, though that was already a long-shot given these devices lack of an NFC chip.

As expected, the best solution for Windows Phone customers is to upgrade to a Windows Phone 8 device when they’re released later this year. That is, if the Windows Phone 7.8 situation hasn’t soured you on Windows Phone entirely.

[via The Verge]

  • I’m sorry but if I had just purchased a WP7 device, I would definitely have to jump ship and not look at WP8. Talk about royally screwed over.

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