Toshiba surprises Thrive owners with Android 4.0.4 update

Hands-on: Toshiba Thrive Android 3.1 tablet

Surprise, surprise. Toshiba has started rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) updates to lucky Thrive owners. This was totally unexpected as many of us believed the upgrade wasn’t expected until the fall. We guess the Tokyo based manufacturer figured out whatever issue it was having with the update, which caused them to originally delay it. Now users of the 10-inch tablet can expect some ICS goodness, which includes a few performance improvements. These enhancements are improved video and audio, camera functions, signal strength and connectivity.

Details are a little bleak when it comes to the roll out, but users are reporting that they’re getting the bump to ICS. It’s hard to complain about getting major firmware updates — but in this case — Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) is soon turning one year old, while Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) has become the new hotness. That being said, it’s still great for customers to see a manufacturer come through ahead of schedule, especially when so many pump out hot air.

Toshiba Thrive owners out there, tell us if you received your serving of Ice Cream Sandwich. If so, how do you like it so far? And if you haven’t received the update yet, do you plan on rooting and uploading a custom ROM?

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  • Chris Sewell

    Works great for me

  • Jason Hunter

    Huge improvement over honeycomb for sure. 

  • David Gray

    Yep! So I’m sitting at work yesterday just reading my regular Android websites and then all of the sudden I see the headline “Toshiba Thrive Get 4.0.4 Ice Cream Snadwich”. Friends I kid you not, I almost jumped outta my chair I was so excited. Not even a second later i was clicking the Toshiba Service Station button and downloading my ICS update. So on my Galaxy Nexus ICS was getting kinda old so the switch to Jelly Bean was a MUST but now, throw ICS on a great overall TABLET running a barely stable OS (HoneyBOMB) and BOOM!, you got yourself an entirely different, new BEAST of an Android tab. I’ve NEVER seen my Thrive function this smooth. Just the transision from homescreen to homescreen is almost completely lag-less which compared to before is a HUGE improvment. I love Android and Google so I’ll give ya a pass on that whole Honeycomb failure because you guys made up for it with the update to 4.0.4. Whats even better is that you can grab a referb’d Thrive on 1SaleADay for like $200. Thats a great price for a 4.ANYTHINg tab that you can turn into a laptop just by pluggin in a wireless mouse (hey Galaxy Tab and ipad users, you got any USB ports or SD card slots? NOPE). ok I’m done here, I gotta go play with my ICS Thrive

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