Jelly Bean version of Cyanogen Mod 10 ported to the T-Mobile G1

Remember the T-Mobile G1, with its little chin and side-sliding keyboard? It may have been the first Android phone to hit market way back in 2008, but it has not been forgotten. A handful of enthusiasts over at XDA-developers have managed to port a Cyanogen Mod version of Jelly Bean to the almost four-year-old handset.

The port is marginally functional and was likely done for bragging rights and not serious development. Nonetheless, XDA member jcarrz1 managed to get the touchscreen, WiFi, apps, some CM features and a partial version of Google Now running on the handset. The biggest feature not working is cellular data, but that’s probably not a big deal for most people who kept the G1 for nostalgia sake and have moved onto a more recent Android device.

Interested Android fans should head over the XDA-developers’ forums and check out the thread discussing this port.

[Via XDA-Developers and Engadget]

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