‘Nearby Friends’ view returns to Foursquare app

Just in case you were losing sleep without it, Foursquare updated its smartphone app with one not-so-new feature. The Nearby Friends view was removed with the release of the total Foursquare redesign a couple of months ago, but now it’s back. It acts as a filter for all of your friends’ activity to just display the check-ins of friends that are in your area.

To access the Nearby Friends mode, pull down on the main screen as if you are about to refresh the feed. Lo and behold, you have the nearby friends option.

If you aren’t friends with people on Foursquare that live a far distance from you, this won’t matter at all, but a lot of Foursquare users apparently miss it enough for Foursquare to have brought it back in a spontaneous update.

The updated Foursquare app, which as a side note also includes some minor tweaks bug fixes, is available to iOS and BlackBerry users today. Android users will have to wait a little bit longer for it.

[via The Next Web]

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