New iPhone to have even smaller 8-pin dock connector?

Apple has long been rumored to be replacing the 30-pin dock connector that has been an essential hardware component in every iOS device with a smaller 19-pin dock connector, which would create more space inside for other hardware parts. Now leaked images put out by Cult of Mac suggest the dock connector might be even smaller than we were all thinking — a mere 8-pin connector could be in the next iPhone. broke the news and says that while it can’t confirm that the leaked image is an authentic Apple iPhone component, the design fits the rumors pretty well. The website also posted a video of what was supposedly a leaked Apple tablet in 2009, but after the official unveiling of the iPad in January 2010, the video proved to be false.

There’s a lot of hubbub surrounding the new dock connector and what it’s going to do for the massive iPhone and iPad accessories industry. On one hand, it means all of the companies will have to redesign all of their docking products from scratch for compatibility with the new connector. On the other, it’s a perfect excuse to sell more of the accessories because everyone with current accessories will have to buy new ones anyway if they have a new iPhone with the smaller connector.

Kyle Wiens of iFixit also points out that the metal frame around the 8 pins actually counts as its own pin, so according to him it could technically be it a 9-pin connector instead of an 8-pin.

[via Cult of Mac]

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