RIM getting ready to cut another 3,000 jobs; operation rebuild still in effect

RIM is getting ready to layoff some 3,000 jobs as it continues with the company’s restructuring process. This slow trickle of job loss started months ago, when the company got rid of the first 2,000 people. Now the next round of layoffs will begin sometime next week, according to a trusted source of BGR. The job reductions won’t be sudden, but it’s expected to be a drawn out process that’ll go on for a couple of weeks.

Sadly, this dark cloud of negativity has become the norm, as the company seems to deliver bad news almost on daily basis. The layoffs are a desperate attempt to save the company $1 billion in operating cost before the end of 2013. The funny thing is that no one knows if the company will even be around in the year 2013. BGR’s source explained the current mindset of RIM employees, adding that “people are terrified” and that “no department is out of bounds” when it comes to getting the ax — with the only exception of those working on BlackBerry 10. The source went on saying that “employees are packing their desks in anticipation” of next week. Wow.

Of course, with a leak like this hitting the interwebs, RIM reached out to the site in an effort to add some clarity. The waterloo company provided this statement:

RIM announced on June 28 that it will reduce its global workforce by approximately 5,000 over the course of the remaining fiscal year.  These are difficult but necessary changes to help achieve operational cost savings of over $1 billion. RIM remains committed to ensuring that the reductions made do not impact key programs such as BlackBerry 10, customer support or BlackBerry service levels.

Again, these are all things we mentioned already, so RIM isn’t saying anything new here. This suggests that RIM is still hell bent on getting at least the first generation of BlackBerry 10 devices out the door.

[via BGR]

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