RIM’s LTE-enabled PlayBook coming to a police station near you?

If anyone still doubts that tablets are the future, a story out of N4BB may just convince you. Sure, police departments are known for embracing technology that assist officers in solving crimes and teaching ne’er do wells that drugs are bad (mmkay?), but a program made by Intergraph for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet could see a PlayBook in every cop car in the not-too-distant future. The company is showing off a new application for BlackBerry PlayBook at the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Nova Scotia later this month.

The Intergraph Responder app gives officers immediate and up-to-date access to Intergraph’s computer-aided dispatch system, which allows them to access unit status, dispatch reports, incident updates and emergency requests all from the portable 7″ slate. Several other features geared at making the law enforcement process easier are also included in the application (see N4BB source link below for PR). Most notably, officers can instantly file police reports, removing at least some of the paperwork burden so officers can focus their efforts on what they do best: writing me speeding tickets.

[via Engadget, N4BB; Image from AAP]

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