Smartphones, apps and education [Infographic]

Smartphones, apps and education

More and more students are getting smartphones and tablets, both of which help them advance in their studies by combining many functions in many device. Similarly, a growing number of apps makes sure there’s an app ready to fulfill pretty much every student’s need.

Smartphones (and tablets) are easy to carry around and are generally considered a great study tool. It is said that students who use smartphones study more often and more efficiently.

Among the applications students could find useful are ebook readers, MyPocketProf, Wi-Fi Finder, Calendar, note taking apps like Evernote and Jot Not Scanner Pro, to name just a few. Students use their devices to get and provide real-time feedback, record data, build relationships and get access to health services… Here’s how it all comes together in an infographic prepared by OnlineColleges.

Smartphones, apps and education

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