Flipboard updates its Android app, brings improved navigation, in-app hints, and shopping cart feature

Flipboard, the wildly popular digital magazine app, has updated its Android application. Now users of the new upgrade (version 1.9.6) will get improved navigation, which adds better drop down menus when you tap on the name of the sections you’re currently viewing. Moreover, Android users of the app can expect improvements to Google Reader, and the addition of in-app hints;  a tool that’s suppose to remind you of features within the application that could have been forgotten or overlooked. The update also includes new shopping cart features perfect for those of you who use Guilt Taste through Flipboard.

Other than the features I’ve listed, the new update brings aboard the usual performance improvements and bug fixes to keep the app running smooth. If you haven’t gotten your hands on the new version of Flipboard yet, make sure you head over to the Google Play store on your handset or just hit the link.

[via androidcentral]


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